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NDIS Behaviour Support Service

At Uprety Home Care, we're committed to fostering positive behavior support to enhance the lives of our participants. By embracing collaborative approaches, building strong relationships, and prioritizing ongoing growth, we empower individuals to thrive. Explore our resources to embark on a journey of transformative support.

Behaviour Support Services
NDIS Behaviour Support Service

Implementation Guide for Uprety Home Care Staff: ​

Understanding Positive Behaviour Support:

  • Collaborate with participants to identify factors influencing behavior.
  • Foster independence and life management skills.

Developing Behaviour Support Plans:

  • Work with NDIS Behaviour Support Practitioners to create tailored plans.
  • Adhere to NDIS Commission guidelines for practitioner suitability.

Building Trusted Relationships

  • Establish solid, trusting relationships with participants.
  • Believe in participants’ potential and support their goals.

Embracing Reflective Practice

  • Engage in dialogues to assess personal attitudes and values.
  • Continuously improve through reflection and feedback.

Collaboration with NDIS Practitioners

  • Collaborate closely with NDIS Behaviour Support Practitioners.
  • Follow behaviour support plans diligently and seek assistance when needed.

Opportunities for Growth

  • Seek opportunities to deepen skills in intensive support or related fields.
  • Stay updated on best practices and emerging trends.

Becoming a Behaviour Support Practitioner

  • Explore pathways to becoming an NDIS Behaviour Support Practitioner.
  • Gain experience in positive behaviour support and relevant fields.

Commonly used line-item numbers:

Specialist Behavioural Intervention Support: 11_022_0110_7_3

Behaviour Management Plan Including Training in Behaviour Management Strategies: 11_023_0110_7_3

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