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NDIS Disability Support Services in Hornsby

Uprety Home Care is proud to offer a wide range of comprehensive disability services alongside Nursing supports to meet the needs of NDIS participants. Uprety Home Care team are support and nursing specialist in complex and chronic care. Our team is combined of nurses and support workers who are experienced in personal care, manual handling, pressure area care, wound care, catheter care, complex bowel care, SIL (supported independent living) supports, case management, etc. Our disability supports and nursing services are designed to person centred. Team of Uprety Home Care in Hornsby can assist you in reaching your NDIS goals.

  • Community Participation:
  • Help around the Home:
  • Meal Preparation:
  • Overnight Support:
  • Personal Care:
  • Respite for Carers:
  • Travel & Transport:
    Our support workers have their vehicles to assist you in traveling to attend your appointments. Our workers are also experienced and confident to drive you in your car if that is your preference.
  • In-home Nursing:
    With Uprety Home Care In-home nursing services, you do not need to go to the doctors, hospitals, nurses’ practices, or specialists’ locations. Nurses will come to you to attend to your nursing needs. It can be a wound dressing, catheter change, medication review, support while attending a doctor/pharmacist/ specialist, and many more.
Disability care support in Hornsby
Disability Transport Services in Hornby

Disability Support Services We Provide in Hornsby

Community Nursing Hornsby:

Our Registered Nurses attend to our participant’s home to provide nursing services. Some examples of nursing services are; complex/ chronic wound care, continence assessments and reports, RN assessments and care plan development, catheter (IDC/ SPC) changes, autonomic dysreflexia management plan, spinal cord injury support plan,

Continence Assessment in Hornsby:

Registered Nurse conducts a thorough assessment of an individual’s Bowels and urine history and current problem, provide management plans and a comprehensive list of recommendations for consumables.’

Bedside Training Services in Hornsby

Our registered nurses conduct bedside training for Support Workers, equipping them to deliver exceptional complex care, for example, complex bowel care, medication management, seizure and epilepsy management, diabetes management, pressure area care and management, CPAP application, blood sugar monitoring, AD (Autonomic Dysreflexia) management, continence care and many more.

In-home Care Disability Supports

Our support workers have capacity to provide long-duration support as well as a few hours of support a day.

At Uprety Home Care, our RNs also support telehealth where it’s appropriate and applicable. Some examples of telehealth could be welfare checks, continence assessments, case management, assessments and care plan developments, and many more.

NDIS Nursing Hornsby

Uprety Home Care is a registered NDIS provider, proudly providing disability support and nursing care in the Hornsby region.

NDIS Nursing Hornsby

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