To find a registered provider for high-intensity supports/ disability care and nursing under the NDIS, you can follow these steps:

Go to NDIS Website: Visit the NDIS website and look for the “Find registered providers” section.

Choose Support Type: Pick the kind of help you need, like nursing or intensive support.

 Tell Your Area: Say where you live or need help.

Look at Options: Check the list of providers that match your needs. You can see what they offer and how to contact them.

Visit Provider Websites: Go to the websites of providers you’re interested in. You can learn more about what they do.

Ask for Advice: Ask your NDIS planner, healthcare people, or friends for suggestions.

Check Reviews: Some places have reviews. They can give you an idea about the providers.

Talk to Providers: Call or email providers to ask questions and find out more.

Think and Decide: Take your time to think and decide which provider suits you best.

Remember, it’s important to find a provider that can give you the support you need in the way you want.