Our dedicated nurses will collaborate closely with your doctor to facilitate the seamless coordination of scheduled medical appointments and appointments with other allied health professionals. This ensures that your healthcare needs are met comprehensively. In addition to this, our nurses offer guidance and assistance with more intricate matters, including:

  • Continence Assessment and Management: Our nurses are skilled in assessing and managing continence issues, offering personalized strategies to address your needs, and recommending continence consumables under the NDIS plan.
  • Catheter Care: They are experienced in catheter care, managing catheter changes whether that is Suprapubic (SPC) or Indwelling (IDC), and providing essential guidance for proper catheter management.
  • Wound Management: Our nurses excel in wound care, catering to various wound types and providing effective management strategies.
  • Diabetes Management: They are equipped to assist with diabetes management, which includes insulin administration and guidance on effectively managing your condition, coaching you on a balanced diet, and monitoring your blood sugar level (BSL).
  • Medication Management: If required, our nurses can manage (by delegating skilled support workers) and administer your medications ensuring timely and accurate intake. Medications can be your daily Webster/non-packed medications, eye drops, sub-cut/ intramuscular medications

Furthermore, our nurses offer expert advice and education on selecting appropriate safety equipment for your home environment. If specialized equipment is needed, they can refer you to an occupational therapist who can provide further guidance. They may also provide lifestyle planning and nutritional advice, extending their support to both you and your caregivers.

Moreover, our nurses possess the expertise to guide and support you on various fronts, such as:

  • Continence Management and Assessments: They specialize in managing and assessing continence concerns, ensuring your comfort and well-being.
  • Pressure Care and Wound Management: Our nurses adeptly address pressure care needs and offer effective wound management solutions.
  • Complex Wound Care: Our RN’s attend to your complex and chronic wounds, liase with the wound specialist, GP, attend multidisciplinary meetings.
  • Complex Disability Care: Their proficiency extends to complex care needs, encompassing areas like PEG (percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy) care, ventilator management, and bowel care.
  • Medical Management and Administration: Our nurses are equipped to assist with various medical needs, from sourcing and picking up medications to administering drugs and managing intravenous lines.

These examples showcase the broad spectrum of clinical support that our skilled Registered nurses can provide. Under your NDIS plan, a plethora of services are available to cater to your individual requirements and circumstances, emphasizing our commitment to comprehensive care and support.